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  • Bond for home uses: For mending dishes and household articles, tables, chairs, bureaus and other articles of furniture, fishing tackle and other sports equipment, or for use on metal, leather or pape
  • PVC foam board, foam board and metal, side of light letter, acrylic, PS board, plastic steel material and others.
  • cleaning the super glue on the acrylic board, plastic board, and other materials.
  • LED, photo frames, display board, acrylic, PVC board, wooden signs, stainless letters, crystal letters, aluminum alloy, light box, sign making, PU lines, marble, glass, wood, metal and other materials
  • Application: metal, plastic, rubber and others.
  • sealing and repairing the furniture with wood powder, between lumber and lumber tallying, widely used in furniture repairing and manufacturing.
  • joint the flex banner in advertising field.
  • bulk packing, suitable for refilled.
  • acrylic board, PMMA, PS, PVC and others.
  • Adhesive surface all the transparent, non-white edge, no bubbles, no local non-bonding phenomenon.
  • erase the slight scratches on the surface of acryl immediately!
  • single-component, acid, cured in room temperature. Easy using, high strength. Application: installing all kinds of doors and windows, glass and others.
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